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Anesthesia Machine

Best Anesthesia Machine / Gas Anesthesia Machine Price MSLGA01

Anesthesia as a medical treatment, it has been increasingly recognized and the use of the medical profession. Therefore, anesthetic techniques will have a high-tech support. Anesthesia is nearly the o...

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Blood Analyzer

Pros And Drawbacks Of Automatic Hematology Analyzer.

The Famous Coulter Principle   Coulter principle meanings that: the molecule suspended in the electrolyte with the electrolytic method thru the orifice tube, the persistent current circuit style ...

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Dental Units

It Can Be Greater To Do Check For Dental Health.

Back in the early 1980s, the standard of dental health has been ratified simply by World Health Organization (WHO). Trues are as we known before, to develop dental health standards, the World Health O...

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Radiation Protection

What Is Lead Glass?

Composition formula of lead glass is: RmOn-PbO-SiO2 (B2O3). Formula SiO2 (B2O3), which is silicon oxide (boron oxide), noted web formations, is actually the standard unit make the glass system structu...

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Ultrasound Machines

Price Of Ultrasound In Pets.

How much you will spend on Pets when use Ultrasounds, take cats for example.   At times when your cat is sick, an actual physical testing by a veterinary there are not enough to decide what may s...

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X-ray Machines

Understanding of X-ray Machines.

As we know the X-rays are a form of radiotherapy. That they work in a whole lot the same way such as light rays, and also still at a lot briefer wavelengths. Once guided at a focus on low dimension, X...

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  • MSLCU25-ultrasound-machine

    Full-Screen Input Color Ultrasound Equipment MSLCU25

  • MSLPU31-ultrasound-machine

    Digital Wireless Array Probe Scanner MSLPU31

  • MSLCU28-ultrasound-machine

    Comprehensive 4D Color Ultrasound MSLCU28

  • MSLBA21

    Preferential Month !! Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer – MSLBA21

  • MSLBA12

    Portable Coagulation Analyzer Made In China – MSLBA12

  • mslba28_3_ (1)

    Made In China Full Automatic Biochemical Analyzer – MSLBA28

  • MSLCX04

    High Frequency Mobile & Digital C Arm Xray Machine – MSLCX04(8KW)

  • MSLCX06

    Manufacturer In China Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine MSLCX06

  • MSLCX01

    High Frequency Mobile Hospital C-arm X-ray Machine MSLCX01

  • MSLDU29

    Kids Dental Chair / Dental Unit MSLDU29 For Sale

  • msldu28

    Cost Effective Portable Dental Chair Units MSLDU28 For Sale

  • msldu16

    Cost Savings Cotton Dental Unit-MSLDU16

  • lead plate 4

    Radiation Shield – Lead Plate & Rolled Lead Plate MSLLS02 (4)

  • MSLLS02-3

    Lead Shielding – Lead Sheet Or Lead Sheet Roll MSLLS02-3 For Sale

  • MSLLR01-1

    China Professional Lead Rubber/ Lead Rubber Sheet – MSLLR01-3

  • MSLEK02

    Valuable Electrosurgical Units & Equipment MSLEK02

  • MSLVT06

    Professional Vet & Animal Surgical Table – MSLVT06

  • MSLSL08

    Halogen Material Medical Surgical Lamps MSLSL08

  • MSLVU18-ultrasound-machine

    LED Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Full Digital MSLVU18

  • MSLVU15-ultrasound-machine

    Laptop Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound Scanner MSLVU15

  • MSLVX12

    4.0KW Portable Veterinary X-ray Machine Supply – MSLVX12

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I received the x-ray machine, looks good, very well packed and shipped. I have to make some adaptation on my old stand to fit the machine, but to lack of time, i will let you know when it is mounted. Thanks.


Im happy with ultrasound, I tryed to use the goggles, but it’s not use when I use my dioptric glasses… One of my coleague is also happy with it…Anywell, you machine is very good value for price…


If you want to find a trusty ultrasound machine supply, MSLmed is your best choice, I recommend the supplier, it’s very professional with high quality products, I have been doing business with these guys for 2 years.



Founded in 2004, and located in the Economic Development Zone of famous historic city of Guangzhou, China. All the industrial park of Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd covers an area of over 80,000 square meters, the annual output value reached Million dollars. By means of the joint efforts from all staff and continuous development of MSL Medical Equipment company, now our company has grown to one of the large-scale, specialized medical equipment manufacturing enterprises which owns its unique manufacture, equipment installation as well as thorough after sale service. Our company has developed employs nearly 1,000 currently, including 20 senior management staff, technical staff of 50 people. Nearly all types of medical equipment and medical components our company owned aim to meet unique customer’s needs.   Over the years, MSL Company upholds the principle of reciprocity and win-win cooperation with foreign customers in trade exchanges. Now become partner supplier of many foreign companies like Ethiopia XXX General Trading Plc. We mainly provide medical equipment manufacture, assembly as well as technical support for the partner company. We have become one of the major suppliers of a number of trading companies with foreign enterprises and to establish a long term and stable friendly cooperative relations at the same time.