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Veterinary ultrasound for how to use

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The use of veterinary ultrasound is more and more widely, according to relevant personage research development of veterinary ultrasound is not estimated, veterinary ultrasound in life’s important as people use ultrasound machine, colour to exceed, take a look at below the use of veterinary ultrasound method.

First check is a pig: checked the sow can be free standing or within the limited feeding bar side, in the thigh, the nipple to probe on the lateral abdominal wall.Only when the probe the probe with coupling agent, and then stick in the abdominal wall.Probe without any damage and stimulation, a short detection time, little stress, the characteristics of high accuracy.Image intuitive, when see black pregnant bursa dark space or fetal bone imaging can confirm pregnancy positive.The earliest pregnancy monitoring can be carried in 18 days after mating, 22 days of pregnancy monitoring accuracy can reach 100%.

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Followed by cattle in check:

can use a rectal or surface inspection.Rectal examination when the probe can be brought into the rectum, directly to the 32 days accuracy can reach 100% veterinary ultrasound.

Finally, check each part of the other animals: by examination organ of the body surface projection parts easy after hair removal with coupling agent, by rotating the probe can be check a variety of slice images, for all kinds of disease diagnosis.

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