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Vet ultrasound and ultrasound What is the difference

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Use of veterinary ultrasound more and more frequent use of the farm which the frequency is very high, many people often have questions, veterinary ultrasound is not used and medical ultrasound like it? Vet ultrasound and Human ultrasound What is the difference? Take a look at the introduction of professionals.

Veterinary ultrasound and Human ultrasound What is the difference with the use of? Experts introduce the following differences:


Application areas are different.

Human ultrasound used mainly for hospitals and clinics, and veterinary ultrasound apply to farms, slaughterhouses, quarantine departments, pet hospitals, livestock and poultry transport sector.

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2. Use different. Human ultrasound is mainly used for human placental positioning of the human body, amniotic fluid measurement, but also single-fetal multiple births, fetal development and whether there are abnormal and mole to make early diagnosis. The veterinary ultrasound mainly used to detect animal pregnancy, back fat, eye muscle and so on.

3. The two parts of the measurement of different. Such as the same is to measure the measured object pregnancy, people with ultrasound main can be pelvic, uterus, accessory inspection, and veterinary ultrasound if the pig test pregnancy, you need in the inner thigh, the last nipple lateral abdominal wall exploration , To the cattle measured in the probe is required to enter the rectum diagnosis.

4. Different volume. Medical ultrasound are generally desktop cart type ultrasound, and veterinary ultrasound is a portable ultrasound.

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