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Ultrasound probe cleaning and disinfection

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Ultrasound probe cleaning and disinfection steps:

1. Remove the ultrasound probe from the system.
2. Remove the probe cover.
3. Wipe any residual impurities or body fluids from the probe or cable with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of soapy water or a cleaner suitable for your probe.
4. Wipe away any remaining impurities and rinse with water.
5. Wipe dry with a dry cloth or wipe with a wet cloth moistened with soap and then dry with a dry cloth.
6. Prepare a disinfectant solution for your probe in accordance with the label instructions.
7. Immerse the probe in the disinfectant. (The position in the disinfectant solution must not exceed the sound window rating.

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8. Follow the instructions on the disinfectant label for the probe soak time and the probe soak time should not exceed 30 minutes.
9. Using the disinfectant label, flush the probe below the soak line. Then, naturally dry or wipe dry with a cleaning cloth.
10. Check the probe and its cable damage, such as: cracking, leakage and so on. If there is significant damage, do not continue to use the probe, and contact Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Note the problem
1. To avoid electrical shock, separate the probe from the system before cleaning.
2. Always use eye protection and gloves when cleaning and sterilizing the probe.
3. If using a pre-formulated solution, pay attention to the lifetime of the solution and ensure that it does not expire.
4. Determine the degree to which the equipment is to be sterilized, depending on the type of tissue exposed during use.
5. Determine the appropriate solution concentration and cleaning time based on the clinical application of the probe. Refer to the instructions on the disinfectant label for more information.

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