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Radiation Protection

Composition formula of lead glass is: RmOn-PbO-SiO2 (B2O3). Formula SiO2 (B2O3), which is silicon oxide (boron oxide), noted web formations, is actually the standard unit make the glass system structure. PbO, that is lead oxide, is categorized by elements, gives the standard characteristics of glass. With growing matter of PbO, density of glass, index of refractive, scattering, dielectric persistent, and the efficiency of the X-ray natural process coefficient value γ rays enhance; reduce its list value hardness, high temp viscousness, softening temp, chemical based stability etc.; leading to glass-forming content of variable length, colorful colorants, bright surface grows, crisp and clean percussion.


Here MSL Standard X-ray Lead Glass or Lead Anti-radiation Glass – MSLLG01, which is a kind of brittle materials and the radiation-proof lead glass.


× The radiation-proof lead glass is made of brittle materials. Having the heavy specific gravity, it should be taken carefully during the course of movement.

× When the lead glass is fixed to the window, the surroundings of the window should be sealed up by lead boards or by lead rubber to prevent the ray’s leaking from there. 

× When fixing the radiation-proof lead glass, the damp timbers should not be used for the window frames. Because when the timbers shrink, the lead glass would be damaged.

× The surface of the radiation-proof lead glass should not touch or rub with the hard or rough objects to prevent the marks emergence.

× The radiation-proof lead glass should be used and stored in the dry and ventilation areas. It should not be washed and cleaned by water, or else there will appear some speckle. If it has already appeared some speckle. We can use absorbed cotton with ethanol to wipe it.

× Because the glass has weak stability, we should keep it away from these chemicals, such as paint, thinner. If they contact each other, the glass can easily be oxidized. In the short time, we can use the ethanol to clean it. If it does not work, please contact our company.


As early as the Warring States period, there appeared lead glass in China. Just after the second half of the seventeenth century, lead crystal glass art utensils in the British system. After, it is applied in producing optical devices, eating utensils and other art widely.


In the medical area, Lead glass commonly known as medical X-ray radiation lead glass, lead glass is primarily separated into home-based and imported lead glass, mostly for analysis X-ray room, CT, CT-PET, ECT, PET and some other rooms along with protection room of X ray photography, window protective shield on the door, and atomic medicine with protect and other businesses. Ideal thickness can be decided based upon the calculation.


The thickness specifications of the primary common lead glass are 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and the primary production base is chiefly focused in the north and central area, there are actually three main national production bases.


Divided into two of radiation protection glass mainly:

1. the basic radiation protection glass frequently applied nickel alloy mesh technology, effect of good shielding, however the light transmittance is always 60% -80%, or even a small effect on the visual sense, which can recognize colors of white, blue, red, orange,  purple, green, yellow, cyan. Besides, the reflective rate is usually no more than 8%, just after a unique surface solidifying, affect level of resistance is powerful, surface stress more than 400MPa.


2. Lead oxide glass, the primary aspect of sio2, doped PbO, generally at around 20%, many that contains boron oxide, light transmittance is usually much more than 98%, more fragile, a big percentage.


On medical science, it is frequently used for radiation protection and shield, or as a window of lead film viewing room. Generally been used radiation protection glass.


Effect of Lead glass:

The primary characteristics} of lead glass is optically obvious, translucent protective shield and use a low-attenuation overall performance with designated optical high quality protective glass weakness performance of every millimeter 0.22mmpb; ScopeIt can be set up on the seeing window laboratory X-ray examination and CT scanned pics of the defensive window goggle lenses. Airport safety X-ray screens and industrial evaluation use defensive window.


Lead Glass is a material of fragile, as a large percentage, when displacing certain lightly, it has to be encircled with a wall of glass layer malocclusion radiation throughout set up to avoid the conjunction of dispersed radiation leaks, because of the high lead and barium, lead acid glass vulnerable to disease and hard to set up or kept in acid gas or wet surroundings.


Besides, lead glasses.

Medical X-ray Protective Lead Glasses – MSLLG02, the safety and comfort lead glasses used for eye protection, and such a medical x-ray protective lead glass can prevent the penetration of the x-ray effectively.


* There are various colors are available, mainly in black or light blue;

* X-Ray Protection Series-Protective Glasses Type B, Side-protective;

* Lead glasses can effectively prevent the penetration of the x-ray;

* It is suitable for the research of radiation in the fields of national defence, scientific research, industry and mining, medical, health and epidemic prevention;

* Lead equivalent: 0.35MMPb & 0.5mmPb & 0.75mmPb.


According to the lead contents of leaded glass, chiefly ZF2, ZF3, ZF6, ZF7 four groups, now usually are used ZF2 series lead glass, ZF6 and ZF7 two group of high lead content glass high lead contents, the exact same thickness high security capability and the weight is also spacious.


ZF series of high-lead glass items is the usage of advanced level production technology and optic detection ways, contents choice of high lead content of optical glass operating, having an internal timber cleaning, transparency, and lead when the total of features, and powerful radiation capability, it can efficiently block the X-rays, γ-rays, cobalt 60 radiation and isotope checking. ZF series of high-lead glass have: ZF2, ZF3, ZF6, ZF7 series brands. ZF2, ZF3 series of high-lead glass is frequently used in X-ray analysis and observance window spiral CT scan space, medical diagnostic services shield; ZF6, ZF7 series of high-lead glass is primarily used in the atomic industry in the sphere of nuclear energy plants, nuclear energy solutions.


Hundreds of countries on the planet manufacture of lead glass is a mix of orthophosphate, silicate and borate glass system from the different end. Just after the mix of some most worthwhile qualities are managed while to have good biology than pure phosphate glass security.


Little variances in the trade of different chain structure unit space needs, not to the scope of immiscible look large, however the phosphate and silicate setup if the system, erase the system salty system or a mix of his children, it fails to appear instantly -7.4.3 miscible among high lead silicate glass structure provided color, high-lead silicate glass is commonly done with a yellow-green in translucent optical glass, glass structure alters with copper or chromium ions on always have a important effect on the transmittance of lead glass.