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Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia as a medical treatment, it has been increasingly recognized and the use of the medical profession. Therefore, anesthetic techniques will have a high-tech support. Anesthesia is nearly the one of them. MSL Med as one of the best Chinese supplier of medical devices, to provide customers with a vet anesthesia machine, portable anesthesia machine, anesthesia gas machine, anesthesia ventilator machine, ventilator machine.



Structure principle


Since 1846 Ronning first application of ether anesthesia, inhalation anesthesia has been improving. The development of modern pharmacology, scientific and technological progress, in particular the application of computer technology, more so modern inhalation anesthesia has greatly improved. Inhalation anesthesia is easy to control, safe and effective. Is the first choice when the current hospital for surgery.


The so-called Anesthesia was ordered temporarily unconscious organism whole or in part, for surgical treatment methods. There are many methods of anesthesia, such as acupuncture anesthesia, anesthesia injection and inhalation anesthesia. The method currently used for general anesthesia inhalation anesthesia is still the main hospital. Anesthesia machine is the use of general anesthesia inhalation anesthesia equipment.


Modern-day anesthesia machines tend to be shifting near intelligent, structured system development, control of the different coons of components, flexible, reliable, compact structure, reasonable, clear and friendly user interface, easy to operate. Electronically controlled gas delivery system, built-in electronically controlled anesthesia ventilator, integrated breathing circuit, integrated gas monitoring systems, high and low flow anesthesia is the best combination of modern anesthesia machine. A new generation of anesthesia workstation will extend into the entire health care system, the system can be networked with the hospital equipment, communication, definitions, procedures and adjust anesthesia record, evaluate anesthetic effect, improve quality of patient care, and create a good working atmosphere for the clinician. Modern anesthesia machine principle can be divided according to the structure: gas supply delivery systems, anesthetic gas vaporizer, breathing circuit, anesthesia ventilators, safety monitoring system and the residual gas removal system.


Working principle


The most common anesthesia breathing circuit is “circulatory system.” Two way valve to the gas flow into the chemical absorption of carbon dioxide in the recycle loop. 


In this system, the fresh gas from the anesthesia machine in the downstream portion of the carbon dioxide absorbing tank and the upstream portion of the intake-way valve into the breathing circuit. Within the incoming fresh gas and loop system of the original gas mixture flowing through the suction check valve, and flows through reusable or disposable corrugated pipes to reach the Y-shaped tube. Patient exhaled gas flows through another branch of the circulatory system (exhalation), exhale through the one-way valve into the reservoir balloon. By extrusion, to produce a positive pressure in the reservoir balloon, forcing the gas has been collected by the carbon dioxide absorbing means. Due to the inflow of fresh air loop system of gas and absorbent than patients consume much more, and so must check the exhalation valve and install a carbon dioxide absorbing such safety valve between the tanks. When the pressure exceeds a predetermined threshold value excess gas can escape. For absorbent canister containing sodium carbonate of lime or lime containing barium. These substances absorb carbon dioxide through a chemical reaction, releasing heat and water (water can be released from the circulatory system in moist air). When this capacity is exhausted, the indicator will change color. Canister must be designed to facilitate the replacement of absorbent. Excessive exhaust gas with APL valve is usually a spring-loaded valve. The spring tension of the pressure control loop, if the patient is breathing spontaneously, the safety valve is in open position, with a minimum breathing resistance of the intake and exhalation gas flow. If the patient is deeply anesthetized and depth of paralysis, the anesthesiologist will be partially or fully closed safety valve, in order to squeeze the gas reservoir balloon filled lungs, and help control the patient’s breathing. 


From the safety valve should guide the exhaust gas discharged through the exhaust pipe to the outside of the operating room, in order to avoid the health hazards of trace anesthetic gases in the operating room staff.


Patients after completion of induction of anesthesia, anesthesia machine is connected to an air sealed mask or an endotracheal tube. Inhale, anesthetic gas mixture through the open intake valve into the patient; exhale, exhale valve open, while the intake valve is closed, exhaust exhaled gas. At the same time according to actual needs, adjust ether switch to maintain a stable level of anesthesia.


The lack of the device is low ether concentration, only as to maintain anesthesia, and ether consumption large, easy to cause environmental pollution.


Folding monitoring and alarm system


Anesthesia machines have a different configuration in accordance with the monitoring device, such as for monitoring airway aspect, physiological concentration of anesthetic gases, and can indirectly reflect the depth of anesthesia, muscle relaxation degree of care.


Most anesthesia machine monitoring system with only one device with basic care as a platform for system use, content monitoring airway pressure, inspired tidal volume, minute ventilation, respiratory rate and associated alarm system. Other requirements guardianship purchased separately and added to the system.


In addition, the need anesthesia workstation with anesthesia information management system, the system may receive, analyze and store information related to anesthesia clinical and administrative management, information collected automatically monitors and automatically generate the anesthesia record sheet.