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Color doppler ultrasound the clinical application

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There are many types of color Doppler ultrasound, the main common are abdominal ultrasound, gynecological ultrasound, breast ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound.

Different color Doppler ultrasound has a different role

take a look at the common clinical application of color Doppler ultrasound and clinical significance.

Abdominal ultrasonography is mainly on the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen examination. Role: noninvasive to liver and gallbladder spleen and kidney imaging. Gallbladder disease; cholelithiasis; spleen size; kidney size, location and shape of the nature of the tumor within the kidney, the hydronephrosis of the kidneys, renal pelvic disease, cholelithiasis, spleen, liver, liver, liver abscess, hepatic abscess, liver ascites, extrahepatic obstructive jaundice; , Urinary tract stones, renal acute injury, renal abscess, retroperitoneal hematoma, adrenal hyperplasia or tumor.

Gynecological ultrasound is the vagina, uterus, cervix, attachment inspection role: the vagina of the uterus, accessory for audio-visual examination. Can diagnose uterine fibroids, myoma, endometrial cancer, ovarian cysts, dermoid cysts, ovarian endometrioid tumors, benign teratoma, malignant ovarian cancer; tubal effusion, combined with clinical diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease, endometrial inflammation.

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Breast ultrasound is breast ultrasound examination of the role of breast subcutaneous fat, breast tissue, deep fascia and pectoralis major muscle, can check out mastitis, hyperplasia of mammary glands, such as benign fibroadenoma lesions, intraductal papilla Tumor, lipoma, malignant breast cancer, breast sarcoma and so on.

Prostate ultrasound is the kidneys, prostate ultrasound examination. Role: to check the size of kidney, location and shape, renal space-occupying lesions, adrenal hyperplasia or tumor; prostate morphology, size and nature, benign prostatic hyperplasia, cancer and so on.

Thyroid thyroid ultrasonography ultrasonography. Thyroid gland, thyroid cyst, thyroiditis, thyroid tumor, thyroid cancer and other diseases can be found.

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