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Ultrasound probe cleaning and disinfection

By : on : December 30, 2016 comments : (0)

Ultrasound probe cleaning and disinfection steps: 1. Remove the ultrasound probe from the system. 2. Remove the probe cover. 3. Wipe any residual impurities or body fluids from the probe or cable with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of soapy water or a cleaner suitable for your probe. 4. Wipe away any […]

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Vet ultrasound and ultrasound What is the difference

By : on : December 23, 2016 comments : (0)

Use of veterinary ultrasound more and more frequent use of the farm which the frequency is very high, many people often have questions, veterinary ultrasound is not used and medical ultrasound like it? Vet ultrasound and Human ultrasound What is the difference? Take a look at the introduction of professionals. Veterinary ultrasound and Human ultrasound […]

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Color doppler machine what preventive maintenance to need?

By : on : December 16, 2016 comments : (0)

Color doppler machine in the medical profession status immeasurable, almost every hospital indispensable, and Color doppler machine price very high, so the daily maintenance is indispensable, then Color doppler machine what preventive maintenance? See the introduction of professionals. Then the cheap color doppler machine which preventive maintenance? Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd staff to […]

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Color doppler ultrasound the clinical application

By : on : December 9, 2016 comments : (0)

There are many types of color Doppler ultrasound, the main common are abdominal ultrasound, gynecological ultrasound, breast ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound. Different color Doppler ultrasound has a different role take a look at the common clinical application of color Doppler ultrasound and clinical significance. Abdominal ultrasonography is mainly on the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, […]

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Veterinary ultrasound for how to use

By : on : December 2, 2016 comments : (0)

The use of veterinary ultrasound is more and more widely, according to relevant personage research development of veterinary ultrasound is not estimated, veterinary ultrasound in life’s important as people use ultrasound machine, colour to exceed, take a look at below the use of veterinary ultrasound method. First check is a pig: checked the sow can […]

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Color doppler ultrasound characteristics

By : on : November 25, 2016 comments : (0)

Color doppler ultrasound is often done with autocorrelation technique of doppler signal processing, the color coding technology of autocorrelation of blood flow signals in real time after superposition on the 2d image, namely the formation of color doppler ultrasound machine blood flow images.Therefore, color doppler ultrasound has both the advantages of the structure of two-dimensional […]

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Portable ultrasound scanner use of advantages

By : on : November 18, 2016 comments : (0)

Portable ultrasound scanner in clinical medicine is well used, Portable ultrasound scanner an accurate access to blood flow signals and display it in a two-dimensional image on a device that can facilitate the diagnosis of some lesions, to facilitate patients Timely understanding of the disease for treatment. At present its main task Is to help […]

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Portable ultrasound scanner knowledge of conservation

By : on : November 11, 2016 comments : (0)

Boot check 1. Turn on the power, and check whether the function of the device is enabled, whether the operation is normal, and whether there is an error message. 2. Record the portable ultrasound scanner name, model, hardware and software version, and probe configuration. 3. Ask the user to use the device. 4. Shutdown. Remove […]

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3D ultrasound pregnancy test

By : on : November 4, 2016 comments : (0)

The invention of ultrasound can be said to be a great tool for prenatal care, Including later 3D ultrasound. Doctors with ultrasound examination of the fetus, not only can observe the growth of the fetus, but also the initial filtration of the fetus congenital malformations and abnormal appearance; In addition, ultrasound will not hurt the […]

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Three Tips To Picking The Perfect Home-Use Ultrasound Machine

By : on : May 9, 2016 comments : (0)

In fact, home-use ultrasound machines have grown to be the standard for athletes and chronic pain sufferers during the over ten years, with great outcomes. With this in your heart where do you find a home ultrasound machine that’s going to allow you to fully recover and how can you decode all the home ultrasound […]

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