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MSL Medical Radiation Shielding Products

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Medical Terms In medicine, radionuclide is an atom with a nucleus that contains excessive energy that might be directed to a recently produced radiation atom inside of the core or to an atomic electron. During the process the atom undergoes decay of radioactive. Radionuclides are also created artificially. So called radiopharmaceuticals are chemical substances produced […]

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Radiation Protection Of X-rays–Lead Shielding

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MSL is dedicated to advancement in cause steel technological advancement. To achieve this purpose, MedSingLong ‘s creators decided that a multi-disciplined approach could provide the solution to the business problems and expensive built in the many job areas which sketch upon materials and technological advancement. From its creation, MedSingLong has driven upon and structured a […]

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Radiation Protection–Lead Shielding

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Radiation (Lead Shielding) was in a wide ranging use in everyday life. In medicine, you will discover many uses of radiotherapy like x-ray, mammography, computerized tomography (CT), cardiology and nuclear medicine. Therapy of illness or cancer by chemotherapy uses radiotherapy. That the wide ranging use of radiation in medicine present a challenge of shielding radiation […]

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Lead Aprons Applications – Light Weight Aprons For Sale

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Lead aprons are generally taken in medical and dental practices. In dental practices, the lead apron is usually used when having a panoramic dental X-ray practiced. Ever since a panoramic x-ray produces radiation to all parts of the upper part body, a lead apron is needed to keep the patient secure and to avoid as […]

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