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Portable ultrasound scanner knowledge of conservation

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Boot check
1. Turn on the power, and check whether the function of the device is enabled, whether the operation is normal, and whether there is an error message.
2. Record the portable ultrasound scanner name, model, hardware and software version, and probe configuration.
3. Ask the user to use the device.
4. Shutdown.

Remove the peripheral parts of the device and disconnect all cables from the device
1. Unplug the power cord from the power cord and disconnect it from the power supply.
2. Carefully remove the probe from the connector and store it in the appropriate place. To prevent falling, collision, pull the cable and other accidents.
3. If the portable ultrasound scanner with a printer, VCR and other external equipment, these devices should be removed from the host separation.
4. Disconnect the signal lines, control lines, etc., connected to the B-connector. Note the location of the cable connections for future recovery.

Remove the equipment
1. For effective dust removal, the device must be disassembled.
2. Cable connector location is very important, although most of the equipment to prevent the wrong insertion of the device, but still have to remember to remember the correct connection of the connector. If there are no numbered sockets and plugs, they should be photographed or manually labeled.
3. Separate the enclosure, components, etc., of the equipment with appropriate tools and in the correct manner. In the right operating procedures, these work do not need a lot of effort. Improper disassembly and use of violent demolition, will result in equipment damage.
4. Remove the screws and other parts must be carefully stored, not lost.

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Dust removal
1. Use high-pressure fan for dust removal.
2. The key parts of dust removal include.
A. Power supply enclosure
B. Circuit board chassis
C. The filter
D. Fan unit
E. Keyboard, TGC controller and trackball

clean portable ultrasound scanner

1. Use a good towel and a mild detergent to clean the surface of the device and the probe.
2. When cleaning the probe, be careful not to pull on the cable.
3. Do not wash the filter with water. If you must wash, be sure to wait for the filter to dry before fully installed on the machine.
4. When using a wet towel, it should be noted that wring dry to prevent water droplets into the machine inside.

Reassemble and power on
1. Reassemble the removed parts back into the machine.
2. Carefully check the cable connection to ensure that it is correct, solid.
3. Check that all the removed parts and screws have been installed on the device.
4. Reassemble the peripherals and cables to their original state.
5. Power on, pay attention to the startup process of the device, and then check the system functions.

1. By the customer representative on the cheap portable ultrasound machine function test, confirm the equipment working condition is normal.
2. Restore the site to its original state and clean it.

1. The above work process, conditions permitting, should be invited to the hospital’s engineers to track observation.
2. Avoid contact with electronic components. If you touch components, be sure to use anti-static wrist strap or other effective anti-static measures.
3. Before disassembling, take photographs or records of important parts to prevent reassembly.

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