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Color doppler ultrasound characteristics

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Color doppler ultrasound is often done with autocorrelation technique of doppler signal processing, the color coding technology of autocorrelation of blood flow signals in real time after superposition on the 2d image, namely the formation of color doppler ultrasound machine blood flow images.Therefore, color doppler ultrasound has both the advantages of the structure of two-dimensional ultrasound image, and at the same time provides the hemodynamics of rich information, practical application received widespread attention and welcome, clinically is known as the “non traumatic angiography.

The main advantage of color doppler ultrasound is:

1. Can quickly visual display two-dimensional plane distribution of the flow state.
2. The direction of blood flow in the display.
3. To identify the arteries and veins.
4. To identify vascular lesions and non vascular lesion.
5. To understand the nature of the blood flow.
6. Can understand when blood flow and speed.
7. Can reliably found shunt and regurgitation.
8. To the origin of blood flow beam, width, length and area for quantitative analysis.

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Colour to exceed the relevant technology is the pulse wave, high speed of detection, color flow color error happens, significantly less than in quantitative analysis of the doppler spectrum, the color doppler ultrasound instrument has the function of the doppler spectrum is color-the double function of ultrasonic.

Color doppler ultrasound blood flow diagram (CDF), also known as color doppler ultrasound imaging (CDI), it get the echo of the information source and frequency spectrum doppler, distribution and direction of blood flow in 2 d, according to different speeds in different color difference between them.Double power doppler ultrasound system, which is type B ultrasonic image shows the location of the blood vessels.Doppler blood flow measurement, this kind of type B and the binding energy of doppler system more accurately locating any specific blood vessels.

1. The flow direction In the doppler spectrum display, to distinguish the direction of blood flow to the zero-base line.Among the above the terminal line of zero-base blood flow to the probe, the zero-base line below leave probe in blood flow.In CDI, expressed as a colour coding flow q, red or yellow chromatographic said blood flow to the probe (hot);The chromatographic said blood flow in blue or blue-green displacement sensor (cool).

2. The vascular distribution of CDI display vascular blood flow within the lumen, thus belongs to the port type, according to it cannot show blood vessel walls and outer membrane.

3. Identify cancer types of vascular nodules with CDI can classify liver nodules of blood vessels.Distinguish it as a nodule surrounded by blood vessels, curved around the blood vessels to day.Shed blood vessels of the nodules, nodules within blood vessels and nodules outflow of blood vessels, etc.

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